Amenhotep IV
Miracle amenhotep
Appearance "Miracle"

Amenhotep IV, better known by his throne name Akhenaten, was an Egyptian pharaoh who reigned c. 1351-1334 BCE. He was the father of the famous Tutankhamun, and was well-known for eschewing Egypt's traditional artistic canon resulting in him appearing with an unusual ovoid head, very large lips, and spindly limbs.

When Boone was researching the possibility that Taelons had been Earth for thousands of years, he used Akhenaten's image to create a composite that looked very Taelon ("Miracle").


  • Historians, disagree about Akhenaten's unique facial features. Some have suggested that it results from a new, stylized art style. Others have suggested that it may have been some kind of congenital deformity. A third possibility is that Akhenaten was not Human.
  • Boone refers to "Prince Amenhotep IV"; this is an unusual reference, since Egyptologists and laypeople alike tend to use his assumed name, Akhenaten.

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