Miracle buddha
Appearance "Miracle"
"The Secret of Strandhill"

The Buddha was a spiritual leader from the Indian subcontinent, probably born in Nepal. He lived c. 563 BCE to 483 BCE.

When William Boone was researching the possibility that Taelons had lived on Earth in the distant past, he used an image of the Buddha as part of a computer composite that bore a strong resemblance to a Taelon ("Miracle").

When Ma'el's Tomb was unearthed in Ireland, a mosaic was discovered with images of the Buddha and other spiritual figures surrounding Ma'el, suggesting that Ma'el might be the true source of the Buddha's wisdom ("The Secret of Strandhill").



  • The term "Buddha" actually refers to the first "awakened" being in a given era. Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha was the first Buddha and the one most frequently spoken of.

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