DeeDee Sandoval
Sandovals run 10
In "Sandoval's Run"
Portrayed By Sharie-Lee Guthrie
First Appearance "Truth"
Last Appearance "Atonement"
Gender Female
Race Human
Romances Ronald Sandoval

DeeDee Sandoval was married to Ronald Sandoval. As Ronald recalled to William Boone, they were once very much in love but once Ronald was implanted with his CVI he began to think of himself as greatly superior to DeeDee. She noticed that he was much different from the man she married and in order to avoid emotional complications, Ronald had her committed to a sanitarium. After telling Boone about his deed, Ronald sent DeeDee an orchid at the sanitarium ("Truth").

Sometime later, Ronald's CVI began to degrade. Without its Taelon motivational imperative, he immediately sought out DeeDee at the Vandewater Institute. He abducted her from the institute and took her off the drugs that were keeping her catatonic. Initially, DeeDee was very angry about what Ronald had done to her but she realized that she still loved him. In order to save his life, she helped persuade Ronald to be re-implanted with a new CVI ("Sandoval's Run").

In order to keep DeeDee safe from the newly-implanted Ronald, the Liberation furnished her with a new identity and the ability to travel anywhere in the world to hide. Boone told Ronald that he had killed DeeDee because it was feared that the Taelon motivational imperative would have forced Ronald to take extreme measures against her again ("Sandoval's Run").



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