Elijah Good
Butterfly elijah good
Portrayed By Brett Porter
Appearance "Float Like a Butterfly"
Affiliations Sarah Good (wife)
Jedediah Good (son)
Rachel Good (daughter)
Series Earth: Final Conflict

Elijah Good was a Harvard-educated doctor. He lived in the Amish community of Paradise with his wife, Sarah and their children.

When a rash of mysterious suicides took place in Paradise, Elijah sought outside help from William Boone and Lili Marquette. Boone brought equipment to Paradise that allowed for proper autopsies to be done on the suicide victims. Against the wishes of his Elders, Elijah performed the procedures and helped to uncover the fact that the suicides were as a result of the Scarecrow Probe.

For violating his cultural expectations, Elijah was sanctioned by Bishop Amos Hagen with the Meidung. No one in Paradise was permitted to speak with Elijah until it was revealed that his actions helped to save the community. The Elders then lifted the Meidung.

Elijah had a troubled relationship with his son Jedediah Good. Because Elijah's work kept him so busy, Jedediah felt that he was neglected by his father.


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