Elyse Chapel
Old flame elyse chapel
Portrayed By Colette Stevenson
Jodie Dowdall (young)
Appearance "Old Flame"
Affiliations FBI

Elyse Chapel is an FBI agent who sometimes uses the aliases Anna Green and Elizabeth Baker. She is also an accomplished musician and the only Human to master the Taelon instrument the Tubes.

In gratitude to the Taelons, Chapel worked three assignments for them. The third and final assignment was to play the part of an old love of William Boone's. The Taelons tampered with his CVI adding false memories of a relationship with Elyse. Boone eventually discovered the tampering when his memories did not jive with his photos and records from the time in question.

Nevertheless, during the assignment, Boone and Chapel fell in love. Chapel was heartbroken when Boone had her arrested for anti-Taelon sentiments.

Chapel's other FBI aliases were Anna Green and Elizabeth Baker.



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