Futurity Farm
Resurrection futurity farm
Series Earth: Final Conflict
First Appearance "Resurrection"
Last Appearance "Live Free or Die"
Location United States, Earth

Futurity Farm was a joint project between the Taelons, Doors International and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Publicly, Futurity Farm was known for working on increasing crop yields and genetic engineering of animals. For example, they worked on cows so that they would produce more milk. But privately, the Farm worked on bioengineering of Human subjects which resulted in many horrible deformities.

After seeing these results, Jonathan Doors wanted to pull his company away from the project but the Taelons refused and placed him on a "hit list," which caused him to fake his own death and go "underground." The operations of the Farm were then taken over by Doors CEO Anne Portnoy.

When Doors made the details of the Human experimentation public, it caused a public outcry. It is unknown if the Farm was shut down ("Resurrection").

Later, Doors showed Major Raymond MacIntire a video of five of his men being unloaded at the Farm. These men had volunteered for Taelon Inter-Dimensional experiments ("Live Free or Die").

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