Guylaine St. Onge
St onge guylaine
Date of Birth 1965
Date of Death March 3, 2005
Spouse(s) David Nerman
Series Earth: Final Conflict
Role(s) Juda
No. of Episodes 23

Guylaine St. Onge was a Canadian actor from Quebec. She was a series regular on Mount Royal and Fast Track. Her other television appearances include roles on War of the Worlds, Counterstrike, The Outer Limits and Mutant X. She also appeared in the film Angel Eyes.

St. Onge played Serina in the fourth season E:FC episode "Blood Ties" and was then cast a series regular for Season Five playing Juda. Sadly, she only appeared in seven episodes of season five as she was fighting with cervical cancer which took her life at the young age of 39.



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