James Pike
Avatar 01
Portrayed By Richard McMillan
Appearance "Avatar"
Affiliations Shaquarava
Cause of Death CVI Malfunction

James Pike was described by Lili Marquette as a "deranged mercy killer." He was a serial murderer who was incarcerated in a penitentiary.

Age 38, 6'1" tall, Pike was the first Human to be implanted with a CVI. It was an experiment to see if a CVI moral imperative (in this case, "love all humans") could be used to repatriate criminals rather than incarcerate them. Da'an considered this experiment a success because in the two years following his implantation, Pike had been a model inmate.

One night in his cell, Pike cut open his arm and used his blood to illustrate an ancient Taelon myth on the walls of his cell. It was the story of the twins, Shaquarava and Umrathama. Pike saw himself as Shaquarava, a righteous spirit who had to defeat the lying Umrathama (whom he saw as Da'an). Pike was able to use his CVI to fake his own death and then escape the penitentiary.

Pike was a genius, able to hack into Taelon security and communications systems. He kidnapped Dr. Julianne Belman and forced her to modify his CVI to allow him to fire a Skrill. Pike then attacked Agent Ronald Sandoval and stole his skrill. Pike used the skrill to attempt an assassination of Da'an at the fifth annual All Nations Ecumenical Congress. He failed, and the attempt overloaded his CVI causing his death.

Before he died, Pike told Boone that he must become the Shaquarava. He also told Boone that the Taelons were afraid that "the Sleeper would come."



  • Footage of James Pike also appears in the episode "The Scarecrow Returns." He is seen in flashbacks through Boone's CVI.

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