Janice Greene
Scorpion janice greene
Portrayed By Claudette Mink
Appearance "Scorpions Dream"
Affiliations Nickle
Series Earth: Final Conflict

Janice Greene was a petty thief. Her crimes included counterfeiting Cash Cards.

She met Dr. Larry Clark at a train station when he gave her the train schedule.

Later, Janice was threatened by a group of thugs led by Nickle. Nickle said that she owed him something. She denied it. Larry Clark witnessed the altercation and told Nickle to leave Janice alone. Clark's Skrill then fired at Nickle and Clark and Janice escaped the station before security arrived.

Janice went with Clark to a boat that he planned to buy. They had an intimate encounter and Clark told Janice about the Skrills. She planned to use Clark to get to the rest of the Skrills at Comtech Labs so she could sell them. However, after William Boone and Lili Marquette came looking for Clark, Janice began to get scared and left him.


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