Julie Payton
Miracle julie payton
Portrayed By Emily Hampshire
Appearance "Miracle"
Affiliations Church of the Companions

Julie Payton was in a car accident with her parents when she was eight years-old. Her parents were killed and she lost both of her hands. When she was 18 she planned to kill herself by jumping off a tall building but William Boone was able to convince her not to.

Da'an was moved by Payton's story and offered to have the Taelon physician Ne'eg grow new hands for her. The operation was initially a success and Julie's new hands functioned quite normally. She began to think of Da'an as a messenger of God and joined the Church of the Companions.

In short order, the new hands began to deteriorate. The genetic material used to create them was unstable. Despite the failure of the limb restoration procedure, Julie considered the experience to be a miracle as it was able to give her faith.


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