Lawrence L. Clark
Scorpion dr. clark
Portrayed By Jonathan Potts
Appearance "Scorpions Dream"
Affiliations Comtech Labs
Series Earth: Final Conflict

Dr. Larry Clark (full name: Lawrence L. Clark) was in charge of the Skrill bioengineering program at Comtech Labs. He gave all the Skrills he worked with nicknames. He named William Boone's Skrill "Condor" and Ronald Sandoval's Skrill "Raven."

When the new alpha series of Skrills were deemed too dangerous by the Taelon Synod, Boone was sent to inform Clark that the program was being cancelled. Clark was emotionally distraught. As he was packing the Skrills for transport to another facility, the Mother Skrill joined itself to him. Clark left the lab with the Skrill.

When planning to leave town, Clark encountered a young woman named Janice Greene who was being threatened by some thugs. The Mother Skrill saved her by firing at one of the thugs. Clark then took Janice to a sailboat that he was planning to buy. The duo planned to return to Comtech and rescue the rest of the Skrills. By the time Clark got back to the lab, the rest of the brood has been terminated by the Taelons.

Boone and Lili Marquette chased Clark into a series of tunnels below the lab. Luckily, Boone was able to locate Clark and separate him and Mother. If he hadn't, Sandoval was under orders to kill both Clark and the Skrill.

Later, Clark told Boone that he did not regret his actions even though he had lost his job. He planned to work next at Caltech.


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