Lucas Johnson
Live free lucas johnson
In "Live Free or Die"
Portrayed By Maurice Dean Wint
Series Earth: Final Conflict
First Appearance "Live Free or Die"
Last Appearance "Pandora's Box"
Gender Male
Race Human
Also Known As Captain Johnson
Romances Maddy Johnson
Affiliations Raymond MacIntire
Son(s) Cal Johnson

Captain Lucas Johnson was an American military officer under the command of Major Raymond MacIntire. Johnson had a wife called Maddy and a son called Cal. He was one of six men to volunteer for Inter-Dimensional flight training with the Taelons.

When the training involved odd experimentation that left the men in considerable pain, Johnson managed to escape. He and MacIntire then kidnapped Da'an and tried to ransom him for the return of the other men. The Taelons, however, would not negotiate and Da'an nearly died.

Tired of being in pain, Johnson chose to sacrifice himself in order to allow MacIntire to escape. However, Johnson was not killed ("Live Free or Die"). Instead, the Taelons kept his body in a state between life and death and used his DNA for an experiment in Taelon de-evolution. Ne'eg and Julianne Belman performed a procedure to de-evolve Rho'ha by introducing Johnson's DNA into Rho'ha's body. Thus Rho'ha became a Taelon-Human Hybrid. The procedure had an unforeseen consequence; a telepathic link was created between Johnson and Rho'ha.

Johnson's Human DNA awakened ancient warrior instincts in Rho'ha and also activated Rho'ha's vestigial Shaquarava, giving him a weapon of tremendous power. Confused by the thoughts Johnson was placing in his mind, Rho'ha paid a visit to Johnson's wife and son. This only served to further confuse Rho'ha who was not able to understand the Human familial bonds. Somehow, Johnson was also able to communicate telepathically with William Boone, Da'an, and his son. This communication took the forms of dreams or hallucinations.

Finally, when Rho'ha became far too dangerous and uncontrollable, it was clear that Johnson would have to die in order to sever the link between himself and Rho'ha. Da'an and Dr. Belman were with Johnson at the time but neither was able to bring themselves to kill him. Da'an gave Johnson the means to end his own life, which he did.

Later, Johnson's family scattered his ashes in a wooded area near their home ("Pandora's Box").