Butterfly 08
Amos Hagen in "Float Like a Butterfly"
Also Known As Shunning
Character(s) Involved Elijah Good
Amos Hagen

The Meidung, or shunning, is a form of social rejection employed by the Amish as a punishment for disobeying their religious and cultural codes.

When Elijah Good agreed to perform autopsies of suicide victims in Paradise, his Elders, led by Amos Hagen, charged him with betrayal of their beliefs and sanctioned him with the Meidung. No one in Paradise--not even Elijah's family--was permitted to speak with him. This was later lifted when the Elders realized that Elijah had saved the community through his actions ("Float Like a Butterfly").


  • Meidung is the German word for avoidance.

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