Miracle ne'eg
In "Miracle"
Portrayed By Janet Zenik
Series 1
First Appearance "Miracle"
Last Appearance "Infection"
Race Taelon
Cause of Death Athens "A" Culture
Affiliations Synod, Commonality

Ne'eg was described by Da'an as being the Taelons' best physician and brightest scientist.

Ne'eg worked on the Limb Restoration Project and operated on Julie Payton to give her new hands. Unfortunately, the operation was not a success. The new genetic material degraded quickly ("Miracle").

Ne'eg later spearheaded a project to "devolve" a Taelon using neurons taken from a human amygdala. Ne'eg's own protege, Rho'ha, was selected for the experiment, which proceeded over Da'an's vocal objections. During the project, Ne'eg displayed a frosty attitude towards Dr. Belman and was slightly thrown when Rho'ha accessed the shaquarava so swiftly after the initial procedure. ("Pandora's Box")

Ne'eg died quickly after contracting a lethal Jaridian engineered bacterium referred to as the Athens "A" Culture ("Infection"), most likely produced by the Jaridian Probe.