Paul Borestki
Paul Boretski 01
Series Earth: Final Conflict
Role(s) Eddy Jordan
Sgt. Manning
No. of Episodes 3

Paul Boretski was born in England to an acting family. His father was Peter Boretski and his mother is Jennifer Phipps. He's also a descendant of the famous Swedish performer, Jenny Lind. Boretski moved to Canada at a young age and now divides his time between England and Canada.

Boretski is a distinguished theatre actor, having performed several times at the Stratford Festival. He has also had roles on many Canadian television series: The Edison Twins, War of the Worlds, MacGyver, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues, Lonesome Dove: The Series, Space Cases, Cold Squad and Amazon.

Boretski guest starred in the very first episode of Earth: Final Conflict as Eddy Jordan. He then appeared in two subsequent episodes as different characters.


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