Miracle qu'on
In "Miracle"
First Appearance "Miracle"
Last Appearance "The First of Its Kind"
Status Deceased
Race Taelon
Also Known As Leader of the Synod
Killed By Jaridian Replicant
Affiliations Synod

Qu'on was the leader of the Taelon Synod

He counseled Da'an to encourage Julie Payton's worship of the Taelons ("Miracle").

Da'an reported to Qu'on the failure of James Pike's CVI. He told the leader that it was possible the CVI had allowed Pike's mind to evolve closer to that of a Taelon ("Avatar").

Qu'on was killed by a Jaridian Replicant (constructed by the Jaridian probe that had landed on earth, with the replicant masquerading as a reincarnation of Rayna Armitraj) whilst attending William Boone's funeral ("The First of Its Kind").


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