Final conflict 02
In "Final Conflict"
Portrayed By Helen Taylor
First Appearance "Unearthed"
Last Appearance "Final Conflict"
Race Taelon

Raj'el was a Taelon who appeared some months after Liam Kincaid facilitating the merging of the remaining Taelons and Jaridians. Raj'el identified himself as the Sire of the Synod, although he never specified precisely what that meant. Although he may have been the manifestation of an ancient Taelon somehow brought forth from the Commonality by the attempted merger, Raj'el was functionally the last of the Taelons, all others having perished.

Renee Palmer first encountered Raj'el when she mounted a rescue mission to try and find Liam. Raj'el appeared and informed her that Liam had brought about humanity's darkest hour, but that Renee was the one who would lead them out of it, "towards the light". Renee refused to trust Raj'el and went after her team, leaving Raj'el to try and replenish his core energy alone. When the entire hive was pulled to the Mothership via tractor beam, Raj'el was still regenerating and thus was pulled to the Mothership as well.

As the year progressed, Raj'el remained on the Mothership, successfully keeping his presence a secret from Sandoval and the Atavus on board. Raj'el worked against them by interfering with the ship's systems and occasionally communicating with Renee and Street. Since the ship was operating at barely a skeleton crew, none of whom were Taelons, Raj'el was able to keep his presence a secret with relative ease, and eventually managed to use the communications and even ID portal system with impunity.

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