Raymond MacIntire
Live free major macintire
In "Live Free or Die"
Portrayed By Nigel Bennett
Series Earth: Final Conflict
First Appearance "Live Free or Die"
Last Appearance "Pandora's Box"
Gender Male
Race Human
Also Known As Major MacIntire
Cause of Death Killed by Rho'ha's Shaquarava
Affiliations Lucas Johnson

Major Raymond MacIntire was an American military officer. He fought in the SI War. He commanded a group of men from which the Taelons accepted six volunteers to undergo training for Inter-Dimensional flight training.

One of the volunteers, Lucas Johnson, escaped with significant bodily damage and MacIntire then began a quest to find and free his other men. To that end, he kidnapped Da'an and tried to ransom him for the return of his other five men. However, the Taelons would not negotiate and Da'an barely escaped alive ("Live Free or Die").

Sometime later, though everyone thought Lucas Johnson had been killed, the Liberation discovered that Johnson had been kept alive by the Taelons to be used in an experiment in Taelon de-evolution. MacIntyre and Lili Marquette sought out Johnson who was being kept in a veteran's hospital but before they could rescue him, Rho'ha used his Shaquarava to kill MacIntyre.

MacIntyre's body was taken by the FBI and Ronald Sandoval ordered that no one should speak about MacIntyre's death without his express orders ("Pandora's Box").