Sarah Good
Butterfly sarah good
Portrayed By Brenda Bazinet
Appearance "Float Like a Butterfly"
Affiliations Elijah Good (husband)
Jedediah Good (son)
Rachel Good (daughter)
Series Earth: Final Conflict

Sarah Good was a member of the Amish community of Paradise. She lived there with her husband Elijah and their children.

Sarah was concerned about her husband's actions when Elijah brought outside help to Paradise to do autopsies on the bodies of several suicide victims against the will of the Elders. However, she realized that Elijah was helping to safeguard the community and she supported him. When Elijah was sanctioned with the Meidung, Sarah ignored it and continued to speak with her husband.

Affected by the Scarecrow Probe, Sarah tried to kill herself by ingesting a homemade cleaning solution. Luckily, Elijah got to her quickly and was able to save her life.

Perhaps coincidentally, Sarah Good is also the name of one of the first woman accused of witchcraft during the infamous Salem witch trials.


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