None | Seasons of Earth: Final Conflict | Season Two

"Three years ago they came, forever altering the future of Humanity."

Season One
Season one title
Season One Title Card
Original Air-Dates October 6, 1997-May 11, 1998
Number of Episodes 22

Summary of Key EventsEdit


  1. "Decision"
  2. "Truth"
  3. "Miracle"
  4. "Avatar"
  5. "Old Flame"
  6. "Float Like a Butterfly"
  7. "Resurrection"
  8. "Horizon Zero"
  9. "Scorpions Dream"
  10. "Live Free or Die"
  11. "The Scarecrow Returns"
  12. "Sandoval's Run"
  13. "The Secret of Strandhill"
  14. "Pandora's Box"
  15. "If You Could Read My Mind"
  16. "The Wrath of Achilles"
  17. "The Devil You Know"
  18. "Law & Order"
  19. "Through the Looking Glass"
  20. "Infection"
  21. "Destruction"
  22. "The Joining"

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