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Season Two

Season Two Title Card
Original Air-Dates October 5, 1998-May 17, 1999
Number of Episodes 22

Summary of Key EventsEdit


  1. "The First of Its Kind"
  2. "Atavus"
  3. "A Stitch in Time"
  4. "Dimensions"
  5. "Moonscape"
  6. "Sleepers"
  7. "Fissures"
  8. "Redemption"
  9. "Isabel"
  10. "Between Heaven and Hell"
  11. "The Gauntlet"
  12. "One Man's Castle"
  13. "Second Chances"
  14. "Payback"
  15. "Friendly Fire"
  16. "Volunteers"
  17. "Bliss"
  18. "Highjacked"
  19. "Defectors"
  20. "Heroes & Heartbreak"
  21. "Message in a Bottle"
  22. "Crossfire"

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