Old flame tubes
Elyse Chapel Wearing Tubes in "Old Flame"
Type Musical Instrument
Appearance "Old Flame"

The Tubes are a Taelon instrument. The name in the Taelon language is long and complicated, but the Companions elected to use a short, simple translation, perhaps a quiet attempt at humor. The only Human who was ever able to play the Tubes was Elyse Chapel. Chapel commented to Da'an that the Tubes would never let the musician hide anything. If the musician was sad, the music played would be sad as well.

The instrument consists of a structure worn on the body like a belt or harness. Sounds are produced when the musician moves their hands and arms through an energy field produced by the Tubes. This makes the tubes similar in theory to the theremin. While being played, the Tubes give off visible energy bursts in colourful patterns, making a tubes performance an event to watch as well as hear.


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