United Nations
Also Known As U.N.
First Appearance "Old Flame" (mentioned)

The United Nations is an international organization formed in 1945. Its goals are to facilitate cooperation with international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights and achievement of world peace.

Commander William Boone lived in New York City for about a year when he was serving as a consultant to the United Nations.

Da'an was for a time the Taelon Ambassador to the UN, in addition to his duties as the American Companion. It was eventually determined that the position of American Companion was taxing enough, and Zo'or was appointed as the UN Ambassador to alleviate Da'an's workload. This situation generally irritated Da'an, however, since Zo'or insisted on spending much of his time in Washington instead of New York.

It is not clear who served as the UN Companion after Zo'or became leader of the Synod.

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